Brands – 192.168.O.30 Default login Router Admin login Router Default login IP address used to access router settings in factory mode for first-time configuration. most used default IP address used by many leading brands such as Netgear, Arris, Dlink, and TP-Link. A couple of router brands and model numbers use 192.168.O.30 as the default login IP address such … – 192.168.O.30 Default login Router Read More »

Netgear AC1000 Setup and Login First time [R6080]

Login Netgear AC1000 Setup and Configuration  Netgear R6080 Ac1000 dual-band wireless broadband router for home high-speed internet connection and long-range wifi connectivity. It is a 1000 Mbps wireless speed (300+700) combined with 2.4GHz and 5GHz. You can setup Netgear AC1000 either using a wired connection or wifi connection with the default SSID setting. Although while …

Netgear AC1000 Setup and Login First time [R6080] Read More »

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